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Top Pay Per Click Search Engines

There are many places where you can buy traffic, including pay per click traffic. As this number increases, it becomes more difficult to determine which ones are worth your time using. That's where our Top Search Engine list comes in handy.

We've narrowed this huge list down to our favorites based on our own experience and user feedback. Let us know your experiences!

  1. Google AdWords - The biggest and best for volume, traffic quality and user interface. However, the most expensive.

  2. Yahoo! Search Marketing - First GoTo.com, then Overture, now Yahoo! Search Marketing. Both high volume and quality with a few bargains still around.

  3. 7Search - A smaller search engine with good quality traffic. Good interface.

    They claim better ROI than either Google or Yahoo! because of their high quality traffic sources.

  4. Microsoft AdCenter - Another big player with lots of leverage, and arguably the best quality traffic. Look out for a useful keyword research tool as part of the package.

Google farewells AdSense video units

Published on 03/31/2009
Google has announced that after reviewing its AdSense video units feature, which allows publishers to show YouTube content and ads on their pages, they found that it hasn't had the impact they'd had hoped for.   Google will retire the feature at the end of April in order to "focus our resources on other opportunities to help publishers earn from their sites".

Google has asked those publishers currently displaying the video ad units to begin removing them from their pages. Accounts will be credited with any earnings made from the units. From the end of April any leaderboard or skyscraper video units remaining on pages will direct visitors to YouTube and other video unit sizes will automatically convert to standard embedded YouTube players, but these will not generate any revenue.

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PPC Bully 2.0 Review & Case Study

By Reena Shohet | Published 06/8/2009 | PPC Tools , Product Reviews |
Step through a detailed process of researching your PPC campaigns before you construct them, so you can hit the ground running. Using PPC Bully 2, this case study will show you how to uncover the keywords your competitors are using, find the top ads in your market, when your competitor is advertising, view seasonal trends and a host of other information that you need to know before you launch your pay per click campaign. Learn how from the case study and review of PPC Bully.

Winning at PPC

By Glennys Faulds | Published 06/6/2009 | 2009 Newsletters |

Pay Per Click Search Engines Update #74
6 June 2009

With the PPC playing field as tough as ever, ordinary keyword research is not nearly enough to guarantee a competitive pay per click campaign.

Google AdWords New User Interface

By Glennys Faulds | Published 05/7/2009 | 2009 Newsletters |
Pay Per Click Search Engines Update #73
5 May 2009

There's a powerful new User Interface coming to AdWords.

I’ve been really impressed by it so far but I do think that many of us would benefit from some expert advice on the new features.

We’ve arranged a FREE Webinar, presented by AdWords experts Timothy Seward, CEO of ROI Revolution, Inc and Page Christenbury, PPC Account Manager at ROI Revolution, Inc. The Webinar will be hosted by Reena Shohet, Product Manager for SpeedPPC.

PPC Formula 2.0 Review + Rare Bonuses

By Reena Shohet | Published 03/31/2009 | Product Reviews , Pay Per Click Basics |

If you’re curious how you can generate thousands of dollars of income per month without a single sale, take a look at this! Think “out-of-the-box”, never seen before training from Gauher Chaudhry. He’s earning more than $2 million a year through his PPC marketing and you can do it easily too. Find out how here.

Is this fair?

By Glennys Faulds | Published 03/11/2009 | 2009 Newsletters |
Pay Per Click Search Engines Update #72
11 March 2009

Our Jay Stockwell's very excited. He heard all the hype about Google Cash Detective and decided to try it out for himself.

Platform Enhancements at 7Search.com

By Glennys Faulds | Published 07/23/2008 | 2008 Newsletters |
Pay Per Click Search Engines Update #68
25 July 2008


1. Platform Enhancements at 7Search.com
2. Another chapter in The Neverending Story
3. Google Keyword Tool

Solving Your PPC Problems

By Glennys Faulds | Published 06/20/2008 | 2008 Newsletters |
Pay Per Click Search Engines Newsletter  #67
19 June 2008


      1.  Solving your PPC problems
      2.  What Quality Score can do for you
      3.  Is it the real deal?

Keyword & Ad Relevancy - How They Boost Your Quality Score

In part three of this five-part series on Google Adwords Quality Score, we examine how you can boost your Quality Score with Keyword and Ad Relevancy.

Raise Your Click Through Rates for Better Quality Score

Did you know that click-through rates play an important role in boosting your Google Adwords Quality Score? This is the second part of a five-part series on improving your Quality Score.

Quality Score Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

This is the first of a five-part series providing simple tips on how to boost your Google Adwords Quality Score.  In this series you'll learn what factors impact your Quality Score and how to reduce your minimum bid costs to generate more profit.

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