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By Nathan Power | Published on 08/31/2001 | 2001 Newsletters |

Prevent scumware stealing your traffic

Pay Per Click Search Engines Update #016

August 31, 2001.


1. Scumware steals your traffic
2. GoTo goes from strength to strength
3. Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website
4. $1 spent at GoTo generates $39.08 in revenue
5. Other PPC SE related info.


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1. Scumware steals your traffic

It would be ignorant of me not to include something in my newsletter about Scumware. If you haven't heard about it or what it's doing to your site, brace yourself, you're in for a shock.

This Scumware, specifically TopText, Surf+, Gator and various others, are browser plug-ins that modify your web pages to include links to its advertisers. These links are more often than not, your competitors.

I have compiled a list of links and a quick update of the involvement of pay per click search engines with these programs for your reading pleasure, or displeasure.

FindWhat did have a limited distribution relationship with Surf+ that has been halted. It consisted of a limited number of unambiguous keywords that represent an ecommerce user. There were no adult oriented results.

Kanoodle was serving up its advertisers' links to be displayed on sites to Surf+ users. It has stopped doing this also.

SearchHound has only just started. It signed a deal with Surf+ recently and will be phasing in the bad quality, stolen traffic soon according to this article:
Ah-ha, Mamma and myGeek: I have heard that these search engines are participating in this to build traffic to their visitors, but I don't have any more information than that.

More information:

http://scumware.com - This site has plenty of information. It even has a script that tells you whether you have Surf+ or TopText installed on your computer.




Geek/Talk Forums:

Articles/Other information:



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2. GoTo goes from strength to strength

When PayPerClickSearchEngines.com was launched in April last year, GoTo was the undisputed king of pay per click search engines. Now with almost 130 competitors,
it's still the king.

After increasing the minimum bid to 5 cents and minimum monthly spend to $20 in March, GoTo has extended the grandfathering period.

Originally all keywords with bids below 5 cents were to be increased up to the new minimum on September 1. Now the changes won't be made until further notice from GoTo.

In its recent newsletter, GoTo asked for your input on a new ROI tool. It's considering a spreadsheet-based ROI calculator. Send ideas and opinions to [email protected] . You can also ask them to send you a copy so you can try it out yourself.

Excite UK Selects GoTo as Exclusive Pay-For-Performance Search Provider in the United Kingdom.

[UPDATE:  This link is obsolete.]


3. Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website

List your site with GoTo and put yourself in the #1 search position on the highest quality, most frequently visited sites across the Web, including America Online, Lycos, and Hotbot.

Being #1 means you'll reach up to 75% of all Internet users. It is an easy and cost-effective way to drive targeted customers to your site.

If you sign up through PayPerClickSearchEngines.com now, we'll give you a credit toward your GoTo account. GoTo has several sign-up plans - pick the one that's best for you.

Self Serve - The Do It Yourself package where you have control of creating listings, choosing titles and descriptions, and bids. There is no service fee and you can start for as little as $50.

Full Serve - Professional support to help you get started. For a one-time service fee of $99, GoTo consultants will provide a proposal of up to 20 search listings in 3-5 business days.

Full Serve Advantage - For a one-time service fee of $199, GoTo consultants will provide a proposal of up to 100 search listings in 2 business days.

It's easy to be #1 list with GoTo today!


4. $1 spent at GoTo generates $39.08 in revenue

This post by Todd Mogren appeared in I-Sales Digest #1396. It shows some good statistics and results of a typical GoTo pay per click search engine campaign.

Hi Everyone,

GoTo in the end may fail but it will not be because the concept is flawed. If you are in the business of selling stuff like we are, mainly power tools and hand tools, then cost-per-click is the only method that makes any sense. No other form of on-line advertising can return on a transactional basis the results of a pay per click campaign.

Here are the stats for our GoTo campaign for this month thru August 22nd:

o The average cost per click for our terms is .0665 cents.
o For every click thru we get we generate $2.60 in revenue.
o For every $1.00 we spend we generate $39.08 in revenue.
o Our customer acquisition cost is $2.35.

The above numbers are determined by on-line activity only. We still derive 40 percent of our Internet business via the telephone, and those sales are not reflected in the numbers above.

If GoTo fails it will not be for lack of advertisers, it will be for lack of inventory. 90 percent of our click-thrus are generated by GoTo partner sites (MSN, Lycos, AOL, Netscape, ext). Only 10 percent of the click-thrus are from Goto's main web site.
When those marketing agreements are over I believe that each of the portals will begin offering their own pay-per-click program and cut Goto off at the knees. Why? Because there are literally 1000's of sites like ours that have small budgets and want to see a transactional benefit.

If you get thousands of sites spending $500.00 a month pretty soon that adds up to real money. With the state of the on-line banner climate, pay-per-click opens up a whole new revenue stream for portals and isn't that just what they need?

For many types of web sites, pay-per-click may not make sense but if you sell stuff it is the perfect program and if portals want to disregard our money then they deserve their fate.

Good Selling,
Todd Mogren

Discount Power and Hand Tools
Toll Free 1-877-551-8665


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[UPDATE: This link is no longer active.]

5. Other PPC SE related info.

In true GoClick style John Babina has implemented more excellent tools in the accounts area. You can now choose who sees your results (America/Canada/Worldwide). Powerful new filters allow you to edit, change and remove keywords easier. The minimum amount required to open an account has been lowered to $10, too.


You can now control an unlimited number of URLs and keywords in your BigWhat account. It also boasts a new and improved keyword tool that allows you to search for new relevant, keywords.


The top 5 Espotting results are now displayed in the results of Hotbot and Lycos searches. Lycos shows the top 3 results on the right side and HotBot shows them on the left. On both search engines results 4 and 5 are at the bottom of the page.



Nathan Power
Highly cost-effective, targeted advertising



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