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24 PPCs listed

By Nathan Power | Published on 05/30/2000 | 2000 Newsletters |

24 pay per click search engines now listed

Pay Per Click Search Engines Update #001

May 30, 2000.


Welcome to the first issue. I'm Nathan Power. My aim is to make this monthly newsletter useful.


1. Low quality click-throughs from Colorstamps.com
2. 24 pay per click search engines listed now
3. More articles added
4. Targeted traffic for a really narrow niche
5. Have your say on message board
6. How to subscribe/unsubscribe

1. Low quality click-throughs from Colorstamps.com

I have received some rather unfavorable emails regarding Colorstamps.com and the way they do business.

George White tells me he has been using Colorstamps.com for a while now and he's not impressed. In February he received 14,000 click-throughs from Colorstamps. "Most were bad click-throughs," he says.

George is looking for a high quality pay per click search engine so he can close his account at Colorstamps.com. "Their traffic appears to be dropping every month and I am still getting bad quality click-throughs," George says.

Colorstamps.com also pays its users to search and visit listings, which could inadvertently result in fraudulent traffic.

Also, George says, "I had merchants accuse me of sending fraudulent traffic and others have removed me from their affiliate programs."

If advertising on Colorstamps is producing fraudulent traffic and is resulting in getting you kicked out of affiliate programs, I think it's time to look for somewhere else to advertise.

George's site: http://www.GNShopping.com.

Another email that I received regarding Colorstamps.com was kindly letting me know that they have changed their minimum bid. When you purchase keywords at Colorstamps the minimum bid is now 3 cents.

Is Colorstamps.com getting greedy, increasing the minimum bid, or could it be a successful way to remove some of the "junk" advertisers? Manu wrote, "I wouldn't be surprised to see Goto try something like that eventually." I certainly hope not.

Manu also wrote, "It sucks for small business when these engines do it!" I agree with you, Manu.

If you have anything to say about Colorstamps.com or any of the pay per click search engines we list, or even know of one we don't list, let me know.

[email protected].

2. 24 pay per click search engines listed now

At the time of our launch, PayPerClickSearchEngines.com listed 11 pay per click search engines. We have added 13 more.

One of the new kids on the block is Sprinks.com, launched by About.com.

If you purchase keywords at Sprinks you are rewarded when your listing appears high in the results.

Your listing will appear in the GuideSite index and subject pages when you are in the top 5 results of a search. The top 10 listings appear in the search results with a link that will lead to 40 additional listings.

So you can see it pays to pay for higher listings in more ways than one at Sprinks.com.

3. More helpful articles added

PayPerClickSearchEngines.com now has links to more excellent articles on how to get the most out of your GoTo.com listings.

See them here:

4. Targeted traffic for a really narrow niche

Paul Garner of http://www.RealEstateCentre.com.au is developing a website which so far is confined to information about the Adelaide, South Australia, real estate market.

Paul writes:

 "I have read with great interest about the pay per click
 search engines and your new website and am wondering
 whether such a localised website as mine would find value
 using a pay per click service. I am still searching for
 an effective web based awareness program for this site. We
 do plan to take this national but are proving the concept
 first in Adelaide."


Yes, definitely, pay per click search engines are perfect for your company as part of your marketing strategy.

If you pay for a listing for the search terms "Adelaide real estate", "South Australia properties", etc, and you get in the first 5 rankings on GoTo.com (which is really easy in your case) you ALSO will be found via other search engines which pull data from the GoTo.com search engine, such as Dogpile.com and Metacrawler.com.

The beauty of this is that you pay ONLY for the visitors from GoTo.com. You get the other traffic totally free.

Here's how it works:

Go to http://www.goto.com/d/about/advertisers/othertools.jhtml [UPDATE: This link is obsolete.] and click on "Search Term Suggestion List" and type in "south australia". You'll find that there were 31 searches at GoTo.com for "real estate south australia" in April, 2000, and 12 searches for "south australia real estate."

Now go to the main page at http://www.goto.com and do a search for those terms.

Great news! You can grab the top ranking on GoTo.com for "south australia real estate" AND for "real estate south australia". That's incredibly targeted advertising for only 1 cent per click.

Do a bit of brainstorming and use the "Search Term Suggestion List" and also use the keyword tool at http://www.jimtools.com/keywords/index.html [UPDATE: this link is obsolete.].

Concentrate on all the search terms you can creatively come up with which are also TARGETED. You wouldn't want to waste money on "property" for example.

However, even if you bid for the fairly general search term "Australian property" that should be OK if you write "Adelaide property" in the title. That way only people who are interested in what you have to offer will click on your link. If you make your title and description as accurate as possible so that visitors know what to expect, you won't waste your money.

Before you start, be sure to read the articles on how to get the best out of GoTo.com. The advice applies to all the pay per click search engines.

You can set up an account for as little as $25 on other pay per click engines. You may receive only a tiny trickle of traffic, but you're paying only for what you get.

I was surprised to find that our new site has received 15 click- throughs from NetFlip, which I thought looked pretty uninspiring.

So it's worth while trying all the engines listed at http://www.PayPerClickSearchEngines.com - you may want to hire a bright student to do the time-consuming work for you.

Hope that helps.

5. Have your say on message board

You can share your experiences with pay per click search engines on the AssociatePrograms.com message board. Just look for the topic "Pay Per Click Search Engines". What sort of results are you getting?



Nathan Power
Highly cost-effective, targeted advertising


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