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Category: Detailed PPC Reviews
Title: Findology
Url: http://www.findology.com
Description: Findology has a clean and attractive interface and is very easy to use.

The Traffic Reporting system gives you complete control over the traffic you receive. In your reports, next to the click amounts, you will see a SID (Site ID). This gives you the ability to differentiate among traffic sources and request for specific sources to be turned on or off.

Account managers are available 7 days a week to help you with your campaigns. There's no Keyword Research Tool but you can contact Findology for suggestions.

Findology also provides cheap run of network traffic at $0.01, as well as a contextual CPV based product that converts very well.

Worth trying
Volume: Low
Regionalization: Yes
Keyword Suggestion: No
Minimum Click Costs: $0.03
Sign-up Bonus: $50 in free clicks
Start-up Costs: $25
Click Fraud Index: Undecided
Clicks: 4326
Alexa Ranking
Number of Ratings: 7
Comments 3

I am running several successful advertiser campaigns with Findology, and I attribute this to the fantastic one-on-one management I am getting from my account representative.
posted on Aug 24, 2007 by John S.
I am very pleased with the volume compared to spend with Findology PPC traffic. It has been a great additional source of traffic for my bottom line.
posted on Mar 5, 2007 by Eddie M.
1,618 clicks, 0 conversions....will wait and see if anything comes from this...but, doesn't appear to be effective
posted on May 27, 2009 by Keith
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